Sunday, April 30, 2006

Club House


Here's what has been floating through my mind the last couple of days...   A Housekeeping Club.  This wouldn't be related to the Housekeeping College at all, this is something different that I'm picturing in my head. 

If you participate in Amy Karol's "Mail Order" then you have some idea of where I'm going with this.  I love what she has done for a crafting club and it's absolutely amazing to get a package in the mail with the club-like goodies in it.  It has inspired me.  I don't want to copy her, or anyone else that has a similar thing, but I like the idea of a club.  For housekeepers.  Not a chat room club or a forum style club where we all post and talk and yada yada yada....  No, I want a CLUB where you get a membership card and other goodies and you have to know a secret pledge and all that good stuff!  Think back to when you were in second grade...that type of club!  But for housekeeping, not selling cookies and earning campfire badges.  I have more thoughts on this in my head.  And I want to have every little detail figured out before I would start one, but if I DID start one, would anyone be interested in joining?  I'm thinking membership cards, a member's only apron, a handbook and a few other things could be in the initiation packet?   Yeah, I'm going to do it.  It's just too fun not to!  Drop me a line and let me know if you would be interested.  I'm going to get to work on the details.  As soon as I have it all figured out, I'll send out the info!

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