Monday, April 17, 2006

Housekeeping College

Housekeeping College


I know that when I was in high school, there was only 1 period where Home-Ec was offered, and now you can't even find it in most curriculums.  I wasn't able to take that class as it was offered at the same time as Physics, and, well, back then I was much more interested in getting into the Navy's Nuclear Program than getting into an apron.  How foolish I was!  I never did join the Navy, and now I find that I didn't even like working with the engineers I once collaborated with on highway designs.  Nope, now I am in love with wearing aprons and all things domestic!  Go figure...

So, my personal mission this week is to try and find out if there is a movement to save the Home-Ec instruction in our schools.  And if there isn't?  I think I'm going to start one!  And I don't want it to be exclusive to girls.  Many men are waiting longer and longer to marry and settle down.  They need to know how to take care of home as well, and when they do have a family, a little knowledge would be a good thing in order to get them to pitch in when the baby's been up all night with fever and mom needs a rest. 

Back to my original thought, it seems that very few of us have ever been taught the right way to "keep house".  Since I felt that this site needed a more definite plan and a path to follow, that's what is going to be found here at The Helpful Housewife.  I'm going to continue to put the little tidbits out here that have been characteristic of the site all along.  But as a concurrent theme, I will start posting about the way to keep house properly.  Not a strict, this-is-the-only-way methodology, but a general guideline of hygenic standards and pleasant added touches.  I hope you enjoy this new format.  I'm going to try to post daily, Monday through Friday, with a longer post on Friday to carry throughout the weekend.  (Hey, even I need a break!  I'm a little tired out suddenly between the three sites, the kids, the farmers market, the aprons, the husband, the laundry....shall I go on?!)

And, as another new item, I want you to utilize the "email me" link on the page.  If you have any question about a housekeeping issue (cooking, cleaning, laundry, gardening, pets, anything at all) please email me your question.  I will then post it with the answer on the site (no names mentioned unless you want it there!) so that all can benefit from it. 
Now, go get dinner started and freshen yourself up before hubby gets home!  Tomorrow will be the beginning of our new education!

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