Friday, July 28, 2017

Easy, Five-Minute Dinner

This little gem has saved me from the dreaded 'what's for dinner' conundrum countless times!  Even though I try to keep my home stocked, managed, and running smoothly, there are still times when I just haven't had a chance to prep dinner for the day.  Things come up, kids throw you a curveball (through the living room window), relatives pop by.....  you never know if your plan for the day is going to be lost to the wayside because life is happening around you!  And that's OK - it's nice to be able to go with the flow and enjoy what life brings you.

I came up with this recipe years and years ago in a frantic moment.  I took what I had in the frig and just threw it together to see what happened!  Luckily, I happened to make a few notes of what I did, and this frequent menu option was born.  I make this every couple of weeks at least.  It is literally the world's easiest dinner.  And once you've made it, you've already got it memorized, so it's great for those nights when you are standing in the kitchen with no idea what to cook!  If you're like most people, you have a bag or two of frozen vegetables in the freezer and the fixings for at least a basic salad in the crisper.  Maybe toss a potato or three in the oven while this cooks, and serve baked potatoes as a side.  It's easy to make this a complete and nutritious meal without a lot of fuss.

Printable Recipe Found Here

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