Friday, July 21, 2017

Hungarian Rhapsody

(I am obviously not a professional photographer....)
Having a husband in the military has it's advantages!  If he's not travelling somewhere, then one of his fellow soldiers is.  Recently, a friend of his was sent TDY to Hungary.  Knowing our passion for food in this family, and my husband's affinity for authenticity whenever possible, this wonderful person brought back paprika for us!  The REAL DEAL!!! 
This afternoon I was wallowing in sadness.  I was going through and trying to pull together all of my favorite blogs from over the years.  I wanted to make sure that I had current links for them so I could properly add them to this page.  Apparently the whole blogging thing has fallen by the wayside for most of them.  Not that I can blame them - who can write that much for over a decade?  We really do run out of things to blog about at times.  And it can be a bit time consuming for many when they have families and careers and all of that good stuff that is a higher priority.  I know I have had some dry spells where it just was not important to me.  So I have empathy and sympathy for them.  But it doesn't mean I won't miss them!  If you check out the links on the sidebar, you'll find some that have been sitting for a long time without a post.  Or there will be a second link that takes you to their new platform because they simply needed a change.  Every single one of them will remain linked here, because even if there hasn't been a new post in years, all of their previous writing is so valuable!  And I truly do enjoy going back and reading them again at times.  And those that are still at it?  I love them even more! They've got me hooked!
Which brings me back to the paprika.  Whenever someone in our family is feeling down, is a little ill or under the weather, or if the weather is a bit nippy outside, the paprika comes out of the cabinet.  Granted, it's almost 90 degrees outside, so what I'm making for dinner is absolutely ridiculous!  But I'm feeling a little down and nostalgic so I am making Chicken Paprikash anyway.  Not the Americanized version, with sour cream and noodles..... the old family recipe that is a lovely broth with tender chunks of chicken and homemade spaetzle/dumplings swimming in it. 
It's simmering a way now, and though this picture is not a good picture, nor a photo of the finished meal, this is what comfort as food looks like when you first begin to create it.  If there are any leftovers, I might let you sneak a peek!
This recipe will be in the forthcoming cookbook.  It is a staple in our house, and even the kids love it!  Hot paprika, sweet paprika, bay leaves.... just a few of the flavors that mingle together.  And it's so easy to make.  It has ingredients that are always in the kitchen.  I never have to go to the store to get anything for this, which is another reason why it's a favorite for me!  To be honest, there are so many days when I haven't thought of what to make for dinner that this dish makes an appearance. 
I'm feeling comforted already!

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