Saturday, July 22, 2017

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

My mind is blank.  It looks just like the notebook page in this photo.  I think I may have
sprained my brain.  I overworked it the past few days, and now it doesn't want to do anything.
Is there a CTRL-ALT-DELETE fix for your mental circuits? 
It's true: prior planning does prevent poor performance.  I know this.  Yet I threw caution to the wind.  Did I have a contingency plan for recovering 11+ years of web pages and blog entries? No.  Am I paying the price?  Yes.  Have I learned my lesson?  ABSOLUTELY!
The better question is:  why do I need to share this information with you?  There is a very easy answer to that!  It dawned on me through this whole frustrating process  that I have never once written a post on planning!  Just as I should have planned for this technology headache as a real possibility, we should all have a plan for how to tackle our domesticated lives.  I do this every single day.  I have a bullet journal that I keep track of my entire life in.  Right down to listing if I need to scoop a litterbox -- because even though my nose can tell me it's time to do it, I am one of those people who still needs it on the to-do list.  Because when I cross it off, it gives me such a rush!  That sense of accomplishment just flows through me like I just climbed Everest!
To finally put an end to my mental strain, and to these ridiculous posts I've been writing to update you on the occurrence of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, I have come up with a plan.
And I think it's a pretty good one! 
This is going to be the beginning of the new site format.  I'm letting go of the past - even though there were some fabulous tips and tricks that are still relevant now - because I can always write it again.  I'm going to simply move forward rather than try to rebuild Rome. 
I am going to begin including posts on how to plan your domestic life!  I did this in a roundabout way in the past by providing downloadable checklists and cleaning schedules that you could print and mark up to your hearts' content.  But that is too simplistic.  How do you utilize those in your day to day life?  How do you make it work for you?  So, I will be helping you along, with photos of my  own planner that I use, to give you a basic starting point.  Of course, it goes without saying, you can make it your own.  Set up your planner however you like!  My goal is simply to get you using one, whether paper or electronic, to help you maintain your sanity and get that same feeling of accomplishment every single day. 
But we start on Monday.  I have to plan how to start!

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