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    HOME | Company profile
    Company profile

        Dalian DanMaXi Property Management Co., Ltd. was founded on Jul. 20, 2009, which is committed to property management services to enterprises and institutions, large department stores, schools, governmental office buildings. The company has formulated property service standards of housekeeping type with an advanced international property management service philosophy, a perfect and affine service quality. Dalian DanMaXi Property Management Company has always done a good job on property service for our cooperative partners with professional management, meticulous service.
        At the same time, Dalian DanMaXi has also established a good reputation in the same industry with a modest attitude, a efficient businesslike style. Serving customer with a positive attitude and achieving success in business with a matchless enthusiasm is always our enterprise management philosophy. In the future development, Dalian DanMaXi Property Management Company will cherish more the consistent operational philosophy and provide better quality services to owners.

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