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    HOME | Culture

    Enterprise culture and enterprise advantage:

    Spiritual culture------Start from heart, discover using heart, be meticulous and perfect

    Philosophy culture------Serve owners with an active attitude; make achievements in business with incomparable enthusiasm

    Core culture-------Relation between company and customers—There is love because of using care. 

    Relation between company and employees—Equality, care, cultivation and system.

    Enterprise advantage:

    Dalian DanMaXi Property Management Co., Ltd. serves the society based on the service philosophy as high efficiency, seeking truth, being pragmatic, faithful, which is a purpose for establishment.

    The security team of Dalian DanMaXi Property Management Co., Ltd. takes honorary veterans as the core with excellent political attainments and traditional qualities of army men, a work style seeking truth and being pragmatic, vigorous and resolute.

    ★ Dalian DanMaXiProperty ManagementCo., Ltd. has developed service standards for serving enterprises and institutions, schools with an internationally advanced service philosophy and perfect and affine service standards.

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